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I haven't been active much in fandom lately, but that doesn't mean I haven't been doing creative stuff. Just in time for the realization that it's December, I have started an Etsy shop with my usual cohort Yolsaffbridge and made FANTASY THEMED HOLIDAY CARDS! Perfect for the Lord of the Rings or Dungeons & Dragons fan in your life, or somebody you'd like to make into one.

I feel a little strange plugging this project here, since fandom is essentially a money-free zone, but I want to note that all the profits from the shop (after supply & listing costs) will go to charity projects on globalgiving.org. We will decide on a worthy project as soon as we make at least $10.
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Head on over to [personal profile] laurie_ky's journal to bid on her Moonridge offer, a Due South story with art by me!
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I did art for Sentinel Reverse Bang! Check it out--and the awesome story!

To Bind Our Souls in Gold by Alex McLeod
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For anyone who has interest in either my art or Dungeons & Dragons (Big Bang Theory fic fans?), Paul of BlogofHolding.com is doing a kickstarter to create and distribute a cool poster which encapsulated the rules of random dungeons as a dungeon itself, and one of the bonuses is dreamy elf stickers by me!
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I forgot to tell you, but some time ago I did pinch hit art for [community profile] mcshep_match 2011. I did art for the prompt "Last Straw.".

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Eldest of the Gods

Cover art for [personal profile] la_petite_singe's awesome Erik/Charles Summer Fic Exchange story, The Eldest of the Gods. It's a 1920s Eton College AU; the guys are 18-ish (and Erik is ginger!) I showed the sketch to my girlfriend who doesn't know XMFC and she said, "It looks like Brideshead Revisted." I was like, "EXACTLY." I hope that comes across for you, too! India ink on bristol.

ETA: If my webhost is being wonky, you can view this at my tumblr.

[xpost: Erik/Charles]
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Inspired by Yolsaffbridge's comment that I should keep practicing drawing Professor X until he is Patrick Stewart.

More fun with mini-portraits )
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I'm still drawing XMFC art because my goal is to burn myself out BEFORE I get my summer fic illustration assignments. And because my other option is packing my apartment. Last time I had to pack my apartment, this happened.

Yesterday was fun-filled and whimsical; today is dark and creepy. NSFW, but not much more so than is obvious from the thumbnail.

Everybody wants to fuck Charles

The toughest part about this was trying to get the body positions anywhere near plausible, since I don't exactly have relevant references. I even tried taking pictures of myself doing the positions (NOT SHOWN), but as I look nothing like the guys and it's more about the interaction than the individual poses, it didn't really help. I need a couple of semi-slender, semi-muscular guys who are willing to pose together in any homoerotic position I wish. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK.
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Prompt from [personal profile] helens78: "Erik surprised by something Charles is thinking at him! :D? :D?"

Somehow that turned into this.

Mental Exercise

Lessons learned: I need to learn how to do backgrounds. Also, for best results, if a project appears to be 80% done, and I'm tired and need to go to bed, I should wash my brushes and go to bed, instead of powering through the last 20%.

Good night everybody!
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[community profile] ds_c6d_bigbang revealed today on AO3. I did five drawings for [personal profile] tres_mechante's Elements of Life.

There's a little more commentary on each one (and of course the reference photos!) on my reference photo/art tumblr, in between photos of Ian McKellan.





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Practice drawing the XMFC guys. Partly because I'm gearing up to do illustrations for the summer fic challenge, partly because I could not bring myself to do anything from my list of things to do today.

little drawings )

POLL! Because I (I think?) have never done one before.
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I drew an illustration for my own fic -- further experimentation with colored ink. And new faces!

Erik and Charles picnic [click for story/fullsize]
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A Far Cry from Cocoa Beach

A Far Cry from Cocoa Beach
Fandom, Pairing: Due South, Fraser/RayK
Size: 6 pages
A/N: Comic adaptation of A Far Cry from Cocoa Beach by Mizface, drawn for Queensland Flood Auction. I know, I know--it's a little (lot) late!
Warnings: Possibly NSFW; Ray is shirtless approximately 80% of the time and there is also some non-explicit Fraser nudity. Also, you know, it's a cartoon and does not resemble an Excel spreadsheet.
Summary: "You never heard of a genie in a bottle?"

[cross-posted to Due South Noticeboard]

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I signed up to do art for C6D Big Bang because I'm good at making commitments for Future Zelempa! As an exercise, ria_oaks is hosting a "mini reverse bang" where artists can post quick drawings and writers can respond, if they are so moved, with drabbles or whatever. I just posted a nerdy little drawing.
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Yuletart reveal today! I've updated my 2010 roundup post, but here is what was missing:

The Island for Yuletart for Mrs Frankenstein. Slings and Arrows, gen-ish but Darren/Geoffrey-ish. PG for language. Features an amusement park!
[Yuletart | my site ]

And that is all the reveals. No more secrets!
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REVEAL TIME!! It's been pretty much two solid months of working on fannish stuff for this holiday season. I don't know what to do with my life anymore! Anyway, here's what I'm responsible for perpetrating:

  1. The Island for Yuletart for Mrs Frankenstein [ETA Jan 5]. Slings and Arrows, gen-ish but Darren/Geoffrey-ish. PG for language. Features an amusement park!
    [Yuletart | my site ]

  2. You Can Plan on Me for The Sentinel Secret Santa for snycock. Jim/Blair, PG, 6700 words. A seasonal fic! For once!
    [TSSS | AO3 | my site ]

  3. Detective Raymond Vecchio's Protection by the Consulate of the Great Nation of Canada: An Illustrated Report by Constable Renfield Turnbull for Due South Seekrit Santa for lalejandra. Fraser/RayK, PG. Art/fic hybrid thingy, with 3 images + 300 words. Missing scenes from 3x9 "Asylum."
    [AO3 | my site ]

  4. Finally, the biggie:
    Byron and the God of California for Yuletide for mizzmarvel. Baby-sitters Club, Byron Pike/Jeff Schafer, PG-13. 29,500 words. (YES.) I had SOOOOOO much fun with this, you guys. Byron/Jeff had never occurred to me as a pairing until I read the prompt, and then it was like one of those moments where you discover your calling in life. I didn't know it, but I HAVE BEEN PREPARING FOR THIS MY WHOLE LIFE.
    [AO3 | my site ]

In honor of the reveal, I have done a special piece of art!

Cover for 'Byron and the God of California'
Cover, pretty much a reboot of actual BSC #34, Mary Anne and Too Many Boys. I tried to make the colored pencils blended enough so that you can kind of squint and pretend it's a Hodges Soileau oil painting, but as always they look better in person than in the scan.

(Weirdly, just yesterday Amazon popped up a recommendation for me of a BSC book I never knew existed, in which the triplets and Jeff are invited to join the club. It doesn't work out! Why? Why? What is Jeff even doing there? I can't believe I had no idea about this before I wrote this story! I ordered it, but I'm worried now that I'll have to do, like, a revised and expanded edition. What if this changes things??)


Year 2010 in Review )
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I finally saw an episode of Sherlock. OKAY EVERYBODY WAS RIGHT IT'S DELIGHTFUL.

Today there was a Yuletart comic about John Watson's blog which was really fun! Check it out!
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I haven't gotten my own personal Yuletart present yet - but here's a driveby rec: look how pretty are this mystery artist's Fraser and Ray!
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I guess it's my posting date somewhere. Time for some Sentinel Big Bang art!

My story was Baby Steps by [personal profile] raine. It was a pleasure to draw for! Raine is great to work with. I did the interior illustrations in brush and ink--MAYBE a kidfic was not the best time to practice my Sin City style huge swaths of black? NO I DO NOT AGREE--and the cover was a total experiment in pairing my old prisma markers with my brand new Pentel brush pen. I have decided that I love my brand new Pentel brush pen. Experiment declared a success!

Thumbnails link to full size; these are also located on my site.

Chief here understands people like us

Before Blair could say hello, Jim thrust Cody into his arms.

You made it clear he's not your son

Smiling, Cody presented a stuffed toy to Blair

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I finally updated my website so I don't have to send people to my dreamwidth art tag to show them my latest work. Of which there has admittedly not been much. I promise I've been busy! I just can't, um, show you, right now!

* Even though my TSBB story is only sort of done ish, I'm getting pretty excited for posting because I finished my art! (Does a dance.)

* Does anybody know Mentarossa, aka Curviusotp, or what became of her? I emailed her at the Help Pakistan deadline (okay, a little after) with the art I made for her winning bid, but she hasn't responded, and it's been several weeks. As I gain emotional distance from my work and am no longer ashamed of it, I'd like to post, but because it's a comic of a scene from her own story, I'm reeeeallly hesitant to do so without her okay. (If you're reading this, M: I'm happy to delay posting as long as you want, I just want to know that you are still around and alive!)


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