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I've decided to let my website, merples.com, lapse at the end of this billing period, in June. I'm just not in fandom enough these days to justify paying for a fannish domain. (Also, my fannish and real identities have become pretty completely merged by this point.) I do want to keep all my stuff freely available and easy to find.

My stories in all fandoms can be found Archive of Our Own. I'm also working on posting my recaps there.

In the meantime, my Sentinel recaps (without images) are at Artifact Storage Room 3.

My Baby-sitters Club book recaps are at Goodreads.

Stuff about my original novels and comics can be found on my main website, Laura Hughes Dot Com.

I could be forgetting something, so if there's something of mine you like and you want to see it posted, please let me know.


Jun. 5th, 2007 10:12 am
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Welcome to my new fannish lj. I didn't intend to alienate everyone I know in RL by posting exclusively Stargate Atlantis-related stuff on my old lj, but I did!

I will use this mainly to post things on communities and stuff, I think, but if/when I have any new fics, vids, ep reviews, etc., I'll put them here. Then I will put them on merples.com (currently under construction), which domain I am sharing with [livejournal.com profile] yolsaffbridge. I will also be moving all my old stuff over to that domain. ("All my old stuff" consists of 1.5 fics, 1 vid, and a handful of approx. 150-word, barely coherent epi reviews. Oh, and a bunch of drawings of Blair Sandburg and Anthony Andrews (not together).)

Those paying very close attention will realize that I am the same person as [livejournal.com profile] laura_redcloud. Luckily, nobody is paying that close attention.


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