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Oh, man. I haven't watched or thought much about Due South in months, but this morning I woke up at the tail end of a dreamed alternate first RayK episode in which Fraser meets Kowalski in a hardware store in Yellowknife. It's an electric connection at first sight, although the show just-barely dresses it in terms of friendship. The symbolism is obvious, though. For reasons that I don't remember or perhaps the dream never made clear, when he first see him, Ray is holding a Valentine.

Fraser has what is in many ways a dream post in remote Yukon town, low crime and lots of good earnest people who honestly disagree about worthwhile goals (such as the issue of whether to integrate the mer-people into mainstream society or keep them segregated from land people in the name of helping them preserve their unique culture; Fraser acts chiefly as a translator in this conflict, having spent some time among the mer-people in his youth). But Fraser is frustrated by the machinations of local politics and has felt for some time that he could do more good elsewhere. Meeting Ray also makes him realize with a jolt how lonely he's been here. He's on good terms with everyone in town, but except for Dief, he has no special friendship, no partner. Ray and his stories of Chicago seem like fate, and during their epic day-long conversation (including a stop at a craft fair where Ray complains the insufficient punk rock value of a Valentine with a picture of Robert Smith that is there for some reason), Fraser all but promises to go back with him. He agrees to meet Ray the next morning at his hotel.

Overnight, he's reminded of his local obligations and realizes how crazy it is to run away with some guy he just met. The next morning, he's practicing what he'll say to Ray, a scrupulously polite and gushingly complimentary speech that ultimately offers his regrets. He gets in his truck to find Ray freezing there; he ran out of money and decided to camp out, but it was more than he bargained for. Fraser climbs into Ray's sleeping bag with him and as Ray warms up, he launches into the middle of a conversation, arguing with Fraser's anticipated "no." (Again, Ray's monologue focuses on Friendship, Companionship, Partnership, etc., in ways that don't really make sense if you're not mentally translating them to "love.") Fraser interrupts him to make plans to leave on the next plane.

Confusing and derivative, maybe, but not bad for a dream!


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