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Since the database crashed on my site, I've been kind of nervous about keeping stuff on there. I figure it's high time to back up my recaps to Archive of Our Own. So as not to inundate my 'works' page, I've decided to do one work per fandom, with episode recaps as individual chapters.

You have to start somewhere, so I've done the first two episodes of TS. If you want to re-read, or you've never read them but will now that they are on AO3, the info is below! I have no idea how long this will take me--probably awhile--but subscribe to me or check back periodically for updates. I'll post here when I've completed the work.

[Meta] The Sentinel: A Gratuitously Detailed Episode Guide (8611 words) by zelempa
Chapters: 2/65
Fandom: The Sentinel
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jim Ellison/Blair Sandburg
Additional Tags: Meta

I'm also backing up the screencaps on my reference photo tumblr, tagging them in the process for easy finding later.
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I did art for Sentinel Reverse Bang! Check it out--and the awesome story!

To Bind Our Souls in Gold by Alex McLeod


Jan. 8th, 2012 12:43 pm
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I've signed up to do art for [livejournal.com profile] sentinelbigbang's Reverse Bang (sign-ups are going on right now if you are interested!)I've never done a Reverse Bang before, but it seems like fun, art and prompt rolled up into one! Any advice on what constitutes an inspiring illustration to start from, either from artists or writers? 
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Wow, time to post my Sentinel Big Bang fic already? It sure sneaks up on you, huh?

Title: Cult of Personality
Author: zelempa
Artist: alynt
Genre: Slash, established relationship, angst, h/c, whump
Word Count: ~26,000
Warnings: Torture. Sex. (The two are separate.)
Author's Notes: Thanks to Yolsaffbridge, Mab Browne, and alynt for beta.

The sound of his own hoarse voice was surprising. It was probably no louder than a whisper, but it sounded like a shout against a background of nothing. At least he knew he wasn't deaf.

He rolled his tongue over his swollen lip. Wherever he was, he hadn't been here long. His mouth was still bleeding.

He was beginning to regret, now, that the last words he'd formed with that mouth had been, "You want to help me, Sandburg, leave me the fuck alone!"

Link to Story: on my site
Link to Artwork: on alynt's lj

AO3... soon. Now I have to go to bed.
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I guess it's my posting date somewhere. Time for some Sentinel Big Bang art!

My story was Baby Steps by [personal profile] raine. It was a pleasure to draw for! Raine is great to work with. I did the interior illustrations in brush and ink--MAYBE a kidfic was not the best time to practice my Sin City style huge swaths of black? NO I DO NOT AGREE--and the cover was a total experiment in pairing my old prisma markers with my brand new Pentel brush pen. I have decided that I love my brand new Pentel brush pen. Experiment declared a success!

Thumbnails link to full size; these are also located on my site.

Chief here understands people like us

Before Blair could say hello, Jim thrust Cody into his arms.

You made it clear he's not your son

Smiling, Cody presented a stuffed toy to Blair

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Would anyone in TS be able to do a last minute final beta on my TSBB story?

The story is: Spoiler cut )

I've had a couple people look at drafts, so now I'm mostly looking for polishing type stuff (missing words, confusing sentences, typos, etc) but plot holes and general suggestions would also be welcome. The main concern is time. I'm not sure which day I'll be posting yet, but the earliest possible deadline for the story is November 1, so if you have time in the next few days that would be great!
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[livejournal.com profile] alex51324: The Loft is weird
alex: I can't imagine what Blair's bedroom is supposed to be. There's no good reason for it to have windows looking out on the rest of the apartment
alex: Although the Complete Lack of Privacy does have interesting implications
me: yeah, it's like a weird office or storage area or something
me: he doesn't even have a door
alex: what effect did the set designers hope to create by having Blair's room be a fishbowl?
me: i think part of it is just to imply that it's not really supposed to be a bedroom
alex: I guess that sort of makes sense--if it is actually a loft conversion, rather than a purpose-built loft, then Blair's room could have been the foreman's office or something, and it would make sense for there to be windows so he could see what was going on on the floor
alex: but why leave them in when the conversion was done?
me: jim's room isn't exactly private either
me: it's upstairs with no walls
alex: it's this obviously jury-rigged arrangement that somehow kept going for three/four years for no apparent reason
me: right, they never go to any effort to make it any better because it's never supposed to be permanent
alex: although apparently blair gets doors at some point
alex: I haven't seen them, but the link you sent me says they are there french doors, with glass in them
me: come to think of it, yah
me: that's even funnier
me: they go to the effort of giving blair a door...
me: what kind of door do you want blair? A TRANSPARENT ONE
alex: Yeah, both in-show and on a set-design level, they made a conscious choice to put in a type of door that woud provide the absolute minimum of increased privacy
alex: I mean, I suppose with the sentinel thing, there isn't much privacy anyway
me: maybe they wanted to emphasize that? but yeah, even with the sentinel thing, plausible deniability is key. a real door being closed at least symbolically says "I don't want to be disturbed / disturb you"
alex: whereas the curtain and french door suggest, "We have absolutely no sense of boundaries."
alex: it just seems odd to me that the showrunners would want to play that up
alex: although I suppose that they intended it to be exactly as slashy as it is is really the more parsimonious explanation.
me: ha. ha.
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It's new New Year, and you know what that means: author reveals and restrospectives!

I am now prepared to officially take credit (and/or blame) for the following:Permalinks will be up at my site... eventually.

Retrospective questionnaire thingy )

2008 Roundup )
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EVEN THOUGH I'm working on a novel and an art portfolio and starting art classes and running a D&D game and working 9 to 5, I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] ts_secret_santa, because! Holidays! TS!

And you should too.

TS vid 2008

Jul. 9th, 2008 10:15 pm
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No matter when during the year I actually vid, I seem to end up producing one per summer. I actually did most of the work on this last winter, but I had to start working in five-minute increments toward the end because my computer can't really handle Premiere when enough clips are loaded in there. Still, I persevered (on and off) and finally got this one finished! It's my favorite one that I've produced so far (of the three). I hope you like it too!

"I Love You Completely"
Fandom, Pairing: The Sentinel, Jim/Blair
Song: "Stricken" by No Doubt
Size: 30 MB

Viewing options
Download .avi from my site May take a few minutes.

Watch on Youtube

Watch on imeem

embedded from imeem under the cut )
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The "What were you doing this day in history?" meme won't mean much for this journal, as it's only about a year old. I didn't post last July 4, but on July 3, 2007 I was posting recaps for TS 3x10 and 3x11. (I started recapping with 3x01, so these are quite early. They were the first ones with screencaps!) I had just gotten my hands on the post-s1 episodes; at that point, I had not yet even seen most of TS. From vids I was under the misapprehension that Jim and Blair kissed a lot.
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More fic! More fic for yoooou.

Actually I wrote this several weeks ago, but the challenge deadline for [livejournal.com profile] ts_ficathons happened to be around the same time as [livejournal.com profile] reel_sga. So, it looks like I'm very prolific. I'm not in the middle of anything now, though, which is actually nice, as I have a bunch of RL type stuff to get done. But I do owe [livejournal.com profile] keefaq a story...

"Go Down Gamblin' by [livejournal.com profile] zelempa
Fandom, Category, Pairing: The Sentinel, Slash, Jim/Blair
Length: ~6900
Rating: R
Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] ts_ficathons, prompt: "The House Always Wins." Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] yolsaffbridge and [livejournal.com profile] keefaq for multiple rounds of beta, and to [livejournal.com profile] sliceydicey for explaining blackjack. Remaining butchery is mine.

Summary: Blair shuffled the deck back together. "How do you know so much about gambling, anyway, Mr. Law Enforcement?"

"Hey, I worked vice. Believe me, Chief. You can't fight it. The house always wins."

"We'll see about that." Blair held Jim's gaze with a defiant look while he surreptitiously snagged a slice of bacon from the done pile.

( read it at my site )
or under the cut )

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In case you're not following [livejournal.com profile] paintedspires, my first of two pieces went up there today. They require work-safe previews, which I assume means no m/m kissage, but I have made no such promise to you. Click-through for complete project.

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Nominations for the Light My Fire Awards for excellence in Sentinel fanworks are open. Apparently it doesn't even have to be a work produced in the last year?? (But I think my conscience will limit me to stories written, at least, in recent memory.)

[livejournal.com profile] paintedspires prompt claims started last night and it looks like I have somehow tripped and fallen on a prompt involving John making out with Ray Kowalski OOPS
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Yay, they're doing a new round of ts_ficathons! You should sign up, and we can cheer each other on.
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Only one month after the arbitrary deadline I made [livejournal.com profile] maxinemeyer assign me, here, finally, is my heartbreaking work of staggering angstiness.

Title: Overload [at my site]
Fandom, Pairing: The Sentinel, Jim/Blair
Rating: Mature audiences
Word Count: ~17,000
Spoilers: Sentinel, Too Part 2
A/N: I never knew how much resentment I harbored toward Blair for always being right. Here's me writing this story: (type type) "Oh, man, poor Blair. I am shattering his world. And when he tries to put the pieces together, I take them away and hide them. Oh, dear little Blair, you deserve a hug. You won't get one." (type type) You have been warned.
        Lovely beta from [livejournal.com profile] yolsaffbridge, [livejournal.com profile] keefaq and [livejournal.com profile] janedavitt.

Summary: It was times like these when he seemed almost there, when Blair began to think he could snap him out of it if he just tried hard enough. He'd whisper intently into his ear, sometimes for hours at a time: "C'mon, Jim. Come back to me. Follow my voice..." The good times were worse than the bad, in that way, because it always seemed--it always so seemed!--like that would work.

Part 1 )

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"The Switchman" in 15 Minutes*: A Recap Comic

*Conversion: 15 minutes = 8 pages.

I started this before the spate of illustrations, and I just finished it today. It was a great way to practice drawing the guys in a fairly simple style (with intermittent success), but it was more time-consuming than I thought it would be, so I probably won't do more.

Okay, maybe one or two, if I get inspired. But it's hard to think of another episode with the right balance of being stupid so I can make fun of it, and being good enough to devote the time to it. Not that that stopped me from prose-recapping EVERY EPISODE.

I don't know what my obsession with recapping is; it's like I think there's going to be a quiz.

I am grateful once again to the wolfpanther.org image gallery for high-quality reference screencaps.
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But if it's any consolation, [livejournal.com profile] cross_stitchery will be there with me. And soooo will Jim.

From [livejournal.com profile] cross_stitchery's Paying the Rent:

The boy barely reached his shoulder, and was slender as a girl. His long curly hair was tied back, but short tendrils framed his face like a halo. And the face was stunning – pale and delicate, with full lips and no hint of facial hair. He could have been mistaken for a girl, if not for the tight leather pants and electric blue shirt, open to the waist, that proclaimed his masculinity in no uncertain terms.

(Click for full size. Not safe for work if your work frowns on you admiring the male torso. But hey! It's Saturday!)

This was fun. I started chuckling about midway through the original sketch which I did at work, between entering in data and waiting for the antiquated software to spit back results (my work does not frown on admiring the male torso), and have yet to stop.

BTW announcement: I am (a) willing to illustrate other people's fics -- you just have to ask and (b) willing to mail the originals to the requester - message me. Art looks better in person, especially colored pencil. :)
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I don't use pen and ink often--not enough to really get through my head that it neither does nor should act like a ballpoint. It seemed singularly fitting, however, for this purpose.

Illustration for Cards on the Table, a TS Regency AU by [livejournal.com profile] mab_browne. (Click for full-size.)


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