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I promised you two things for today: that I'd finish my Baby-sitters Club: The Next Generation sequel today (check!), and that I'd reveal a SPECIAL COOL THING. It is time for the coolness!

Today, my first original!fic--I mean, NOVEL was released!! I'm super excited. It's young adult gay/lesbian, it's called Don't Ask by Laura Hughes (that's me!) and it's available in the ebook format of your choice on the Prizm Books website or Torquere website, Amazon Kindle Store, and Smashwords.

Cover showing a girl with a rainbow flag and a boy in fatigues

I think you might like this book because, if you're here, you presumably like other stuff I've written, but here are some other reasons!

If you're a Baby-sitters Club fan, you might enjoy a timid boy protagonist; a bombastic girl protagonist; lovingly detailed descriptions of club organization and hierarchy; and tons of girly stuff including, but not limited to, a makeover and the big dance.

If you're a Stargate: Atlantis fan, you might enjoy the action, joyriding, military virtue and prominence of Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

If you're a Due South fan, you might enjoy serious consideration of old-fashioned virtues such as honor and valor, as well as a central troubled friendship at the breaking point.

If you're a The Sentinel fan, you'll probably dig the love of of a repressed, macho, pseudo-military yet deeply sensitive main male for his gentle, longhaired, non-traditionally-masculine male love interest. Unfortunately, there are no wilderness quests... in THIS volume.

This story will be right up your alley if you, like me, enjoy LGBT YA, melodramatic serialized tween/teen fiction, high school TV shows, Boy Meets World, Degrassi (original and/or Next Generation), and basically any show that would reasonably have an egg episode.
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It is... finished. (collapses)

Baby-sitters Club: The Next Generation Super Special #1: What Happens in Sea City... (61054 words) by zelempa
Chapters: 24/24
Fandom: Baby-Sitters Club - Ann M. Martin
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Underage
Relationships: Byron Pike/Jeff Schafer
Characters: Byron Pike, Jeff Schafer, Shea Rodowsky, Jordan Pike, Becca Ramsey, Adam Pike, Mallory Pike, Jessi Ramsey, Nicky Pike, Cecelia Parker
Series: Part 2 of Baby-sitters Club: The Next Generation

Just over a day at the beach, and already his hair was even lighter than usual—practically white—and his skin was darkening to its usual California tan. His eyes were just slits of sea blue, and he was smiling at me. I could feel myself smiling back, broad and goofy. This is what it would be like every morning. Someday.

I edged my hand out into the sand between us, and his came to meet mine. I am the luckiest guy in the history of the universe.

“Ah-ah-ahhh!” Vanessa called out.

I squeezed Jeff’s hand, dropped it, and raised my hand to flip Vanessa the bird.

“Forget it,” said Jeff, sitting up and brushing the sand off his shoulders. “We’re under a microscope.”

Oh wait, I promised you something else today! Hold tight for my next post.
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I'm in Boston, but I don't know more than anyone at this point. All my loved ones are accounted for, fortunately. Right now, parts of the city are still crime scene, but we're supposed to "go about our lives and remain vigilant." My partner was supposed to start a new job today, but the building and subway stop are closed. I work from home for an out-of-state company, so it's business as usual for me.

And if I don't post more Baby-sitters Club fic, the terrorists win!

Chapters 19-21 are up. Things are getting resolved, but! There is still one more day of posting! AND don't forget tomorrow's Special Wednesday Reveal.
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I posted chapters 10-12 of my new Baby-sitters Club fic, What Happens In Sea City... We've reached the halfway mark and it's up to 35,000 words, already more than its predecessor, Byron and the God of California!
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Continuing my plan to post 3 chapters a day of my new BSC fic, I've just posted chapters 4-6. We're up to a total of 17,000 words. I'm actually not sure how long it will end up (still doing some tweaks as I post), but at this rate we're looking at about 68,000 words, which I think will make it the longest thing I have ever written.
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Baby-sitters Club: The Next Generation Super Special #1: What Happens in Sea City... (9975 words) by zelempa
Chapters: 3/24
Fandom: Baby-Sitters Club - Ann M. Martin
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Underage
Relationships: Byron Pike/Jeff Schafer
Characters: Byron Pike, Jeff Schafer, Shea Rodowsky, Jordan Pike, Becca Ramsey, Adam Pike, Mallory Pike, Jessi Ramsey, Nicky Pike, Cecelia Parker
Series: Part 2 of Baby-sitters Club: The Next Generation

This is a very exciting week for me!

Today, I began posting the long-awaited (well, by me: I've been working on it forever) sequel to my most popular fic of all time, the Baby-sitters Club fic Byron and the God of California.

I want to thank Mizz Marvel for beta and encouraging excitement! I also want to thank all of the 200+ (!) people who left kudos or comments on the original fic.

It's a long fic, so I'll post three chapters a day for the next eight days.

One week from today, when I post the last three chapters, I will also reveal a SPECIAL SURPRISE!

So stay tuned!
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Aaaaand here it is. Not a crossover; I just named it after an unrelated fandom because I am a jerk like that.

Title: Inception
Fandom, Pairing: X-Men: First Class, Charles/Erik
Word Count, Rating: ~2200, R-ish?
Notes: Thanks to Crouton Shield and Sasha Feather for beta! The former should also be thanked for going with me to see the movie.

“You’re trying to plant happy memories on me.”

Charles shakes his head. “I told you, I’m not doing anything to your head.”

“No, you’re doing it the old-fashioned way.”

Charles lowers his eyes to his Chardonnay. Has he been that obvious?

read it at ao3!
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REVEAL TIME!! It's been pretty much two solid months of working on fannish stuff for this holiday season. I don't know what to do with my life anymore! Anyway, here's what I'm responsible for perpetrating:

  1. The Island for Yuletart for Mrs Frankenstein [ETA Jan 5]. Slings and Arrows, gen-ish but Darren/Geoffrey-ish. PG for language. Features an amusement park!
    [Yuletart | my site ]

  2. You Can Plan on Me for The Sentinel Secret Santa for snycock. Jim/Blair, PG, 6700 words. A seasonal fic! For once!
    [TSSS | AO3 | my site ]

  3. Detective Raymond Vecchio's Protection by the Consulate of the Great Nation of Canada: An Illustrated Report by Constable Renfield Turnbull for Due South Seekrit Santa for lalejandra. Fraser/RayK, PG. Art/fic hybrid thingy, with 3 images + 300 words. Missing scenes from 3x9 "Asylum."
    [AO3 | my site ]

  4. Finally, the biggie:
    Byron and the God of California for Yuletide for mizzmarvel. Baby-sitters Club, Byron Pike/Jeff Schafer, PG-13. 29,500 words. (YES.) I had SOOOOOO much fun with this, you guys. Byron/Jeff had never occurred to me as a pairing until I read the prompt, and then it was like one of those moments where you discover your calling in life. I didn't know it, but I HAVE BEEN PREPARING FOR THIS MY WHOLE LIFE.
    [AO3 | my site ]

In honor of the reveal, I have done a special piece of art!

Cover for 'Byron and the God of California'
Cover, pretty much a reboot of actual BSC #34, Mary Anne and Too Many Boys. I tried to make the colored pencils blended enough so that you can kind of squint and pretend it's a Hodges Soileau oil painting, but as always they look better in person than in the scan.

(Weirdly, just yesterday Amazon popped up a recommendation for me of a BSC book I never knew existed, in which the triplets and Jeff are invited to join the club. It doesn't work out! Why? Why? What is Jeff even doing there? I can't believe I had no idea about this before I wrote this story! I ordered it, but I'm worried now that I'll have to do, like, a revised and expanded edition. What if this changes things??)


Year 2010 in Review )
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Wow, time to post my Sentinel Big Bang fic already? It sure sneaks up on you, huh?

Title: Cult of Personality
Author: zelempa
Artist: alynt
Genre: Slash, established relationship, angst, h/c, whump
Word Count: ~26,000
Warnings: Torture. Sex. (The two are separate.)
Author's Notes: Thanks to Yolsaffbridge, Mab Browne, and alynt for beta.

The sound of his own hoarse voice was surprising. It was probably no louder than a whisper, but it sounded like a shout against a background of nothing. At least he knew he wasn't deaf.

He rolled his tongue over his swollen lip. Wherever he was, he hadn't been here long. His mouth was still bleeding.

He was beginning to regret, now, that the last words he'd formed with that mouth had been, "You want to help me, Sandburg, leave me the fuck alone!"

Link to Story: on my site
Link to Artwork: on alynt's lj

AO3... soon. Now I have to go to bed.
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Title: The More Things Change
Fandom: Due South
Pairing RayK/Stella
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4700
Author's Notes: Because I'm a jerk, I write my first het ever for LGBTfest. Prompt: "Ray knew he wasn't straight before he married, that doesn't change his feelings for Stella." Beta thanks to America's first gay president [profile] yolsaffbridge.

Ray laughs shortly. "You don't want me to take you to a…"

It's weird, he can say anything to her on the phone, but actually sitting with her here, in the car, in the flesh, he can't bring himself to finish his sentence.

"Oh, please do," says Stella. "Could you? I've never been to a gay bar."

Same old Stella. Subtle as a jackhammer.

Read on my site | Read on AO3

[Crossposted to LGBTFest and DS Noticeboard]
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Title: Upon Close Inspection
Fandom, Pairing: Due South, Fraser/RayK
Rating: PG... or possibly G. There's swearing, that's it.
Word Count: ~12000
A/N: For Lucifuge 5, for Help Chile. Prompt: post-COTW curtain!fic.

"Can we try to be normal?" said Ray. "Just for a day. For like, two hours. I'll be Ray, and you'll be Ben, and that'll be Dief, our dog."

From the doorway, Diefenbaker whined.

Ray pointed at him. "You, suck it up. Take one for the team."

Read at my site | Read on AO3
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No comic this weekend--I was out of town and missed most of my usual drawing time--but here's a fic I wrote a couple of weeks ago and had more or less forgotten about! (Crossposted to ds_noticeboard).

Title: Standard Courtship Protocol
Fandom, Pairing: Due South, Fraser/RayK
Rating: R
Length: ~7,500 words
A/N: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] nightshadow_t2 for beta, and [livejournal.com profile] alex51324 and [livejournal.com profile] yolsaffbridge for story development and all the funniest lines. What would I do without you guys?

Fraser smiled slightly, puzzled, like he thought he was playing a game but he didn't quite know the rules. "This is very odd behaviour, Ray. You're just not usually so by-the-book."

"Sure I am!" said Ray. "I love the book! I live for the book! Without proper procedure, where are we? Nowhere!"

Read at my site | Read at AO3
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I can now present to you my final and main [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti product, also my first due South fic, also my longest fic?? Somehow???

Title: Volcanic Geranium
Fandom, Pairing: Due South, Fraser/RayK
Rating: Explicit
Length: 22,000 words
A/N: Set not long after 3x04 "Strange Bedfellows." Written for [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti for my winning bidder, [livejournal.com profile] lucifuge_5. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] yolsaffbridge for story development and beta, and to for [livejournal.com profile] nightshadow_t2 for more beta!

Fraser raised his eyebrows thoughtfully. "Lipstick colour names can be rather obscure. I assume it's a metaphor to describe something fragile and lovely but also dangerous and potentially capable of raining hot destruction upon an unsuspecting citizenry. On the other hand, it may refer to the fact that this particular coral shade is common to molten lava and geraniums. Don't lick it."

"It tastes like Jujubes," Ray reported.

"Nevertheless, resist the urge."

Read full text at Archive of Our Own | Read full text at my site

You don't mind if I don't post here, right? It's so huge I think it would take up three posts. (My first three post fic!)
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I had to wait for the Yuletide reveal to do any kind of "2009 year in review," because the only stories I wrote this year were for Yuletide! I think they balance each other nicely.

The Road to Hell, Crime and Punishment, Raskolnikov/landlady's daughter (canon female character) - Serious, angsty, philosophical, unsettling.
"Surely you can imagine a reason to commit a crime which is not in itself bad. If the result of the crime was good..."

The Plus-One Scale-Mail Pasty Postulate, Big Bang Theory, Howard/Raj - The opposite of that.
"Is that an eleven foot pole in your bag of holding, or are you just happy to see me?" said Howard.

"My lance of faith shudders with a radiant pulse," said Raj.

"That statement doesn't begin to make gameplay sense," Sheldon tsked.

Those links will bring you directly to AO3; currently, that's the most updated listing of my stories (it turns out I have yet to post even 2008's Yuletide stories on my site).

It's been kind of a non-fannish year.

Other stuff I've been doing )

Ridiculous attempt to do Year in Review Restrospective with my TWO STORIES )
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It's new New Year, and you know what that means: author reveals and restrospectives!

I am now prepared to officially take credit (and/or blame) for the following:Permalinks will be up at my site... eventually.

Retrospective questionnaire thingy )

2008 Roundup )
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I had this plan for a five-part five-thingsish Criminal Minds story, but part 1 kind of got away from me. Since it's nearly 2,000 words with a beginning, middle, and end (though not necessarily a satisfying one), and since it's December 30 and I need a twelfth story for [livejournal.com profile] 12in2008, I'm posting it now as a WIP. Please enjoy. More to come, I hope.

Title: First Impressions (subject to change; WIP; 1/5)
Fandom, Pairing: Criminal Minds, Morgan/Reid
Word Count: ~1950
Rating: G (I think. At what point does something become PG?)
Notes: No spoilers; set prior to season 1. Relies on an idea of the timing and circumstances of Morgan's and Reid's joining the team that may well be contradicted in canon.

Reid's eyes flicked downward, over Morgan's arms and chest in his snug t-shirt, and came to rest on his own long fingers cupped around his glass. "Am I wasting my time?" he asked quietly. "I know I'm not to everyone's taste."

First of the First Impressions )
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For my birthday, my brother got me a book of Philo Vance stories. Philo Vance is apparently a popular-in-the-1920s pulp murder-mystery amateur detective, whom my brother discovered by googling the phrase "effete detective." I'm a big fan of people who are effete, detectives, and particularly effete detectives (evidenced by my love of Lord Peter Wimsey, Sir Percy Blakeney [admittedly more of an adventurer than a detective] and many interpretations of Sherlock Holmes), so after reading online complaints that Philo Vance was too effete, he rightly assumed that this guy would be right up my alley.

You guys: Philo Vance is too effete.

The evidence before us. )

Anyway, the upshot of all this is that I have to tell you I've written a Philo Vance fic. Partially, of course, this is a desperate gambit to finish my 12 in 2008. (One more to go in the next two days! Can she do it?) If you're familiar with Vance, or if you found the above description "inf'nitely amusin'", you might enjoy it!

Title: A Most Unusual Soiree
Fandom, Pairing: Philo Vance, Vance/Van Dine
Rating: R
Word Count: ~3300

The story. )
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Title: Gayworld
Fandom, Pairing: SGA, McKay/Sheppard
Word Count: ~14,000
Rating: PG-13
Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] keefaq. Apologies for dreadful lateness. Beta by [livejournal.com profile] yolsaffbridge. Takes place during season 4 (when I actually started writing it); Teyla's pregnancy is a minor plot point. There are no other spoilers largely because I haven't even seen most of season 5. (Yes, yes, I saw "The Shrine".)

"God," Rodney moaned. "This is simultaneously my best dream and my worst nightmare."

"Why?" asked Sheppard. "Afraid you're going to get hit on by a guy?"

"I didn't even think of that! Do you really think I'll get propositioned?"

"Sure, Rodney," said Sheppard seriously. "You've got an awfully pretty mouth."

( read whole text at my site ) read part 1 on lj )

( read part 2 on lj )


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