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I know I've been gone for, like, a year, and I know I have said this before, BUT I promise I am still plugging away at something for y'all which should be ready in a month or so. In the meantime, I would like to hold another


If you want anything in this list, leave a comment to claim it! PM or email me (zelempa at gmail) your mailing address. I will mail your item(s). I will then discard your address. I'll pay for shipping. All I ask in return is that you donate a small amount - say $5 per item - to one of my charities:

Medecins sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders)
Organization for Transformative Works

Please donate a bit more if you are outside the U.S. as shipping will cost more.

Feel free to claim as many items as you want, and feel free to send your friends this link! Act soon, because I will start donating things to Goodwill around the end of February.

DVDs )

Books )

Action Figures )
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EDIT: Everything has been claimed! Thanks guys!
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I can't offer anything for Help_Japan--I still have yet to do my Help Australia piece, and I'm in the middle of a million nonfannish projects--but I plan to bid left and right once the auction opens on Monday. Come, enter into a bidding war with me! Also, if you could offer Due South, Sherlock or Dragon Age art for me to bid on, that would help me out.
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I can't bring myself to write or draw two things at the same time anymore (yuletide broke me), but there is flooding in Brazil too! Not to mention landslides. So for helpbrazil2011 I'm offering two boxes of fannish DVDs: Slashy grab bag and X-Files. They're all things you can get fairly cheaply online, but at what shipping cost? And your money will go to a very worthy cause--your choice of MSF, Oxfam or Unicef's disaster relief efforts in Brazil.
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I'm offering a fancomic at QLD Flood Auction.

Possible fandoms: Sherlock*; Due South; other C6D fandoms; The Sentinel; the Baby-sitters Club.

* I have never done anything in Sherlock yet, but I have been practicing drawing them!!!!
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Last spring, in an effort to downsize before moving, I offered my books and dvds in exchange for charity donations and raised about $200 for various organizations including Doctors Without Borders and Kiva. As the holiday season approaches, and we are all thinking about charity and also giving each other stuff, I thought it might be fun to do a second round. Below, find a list of the items I'm offering and the suggested donation for each one. All you need to do is comment or email zelempa at gmail dot com claiming the item you want; once I confirm your claim, make a donation, and I'll mail you the item.

DVD TV/Collections )

DVD Movies )

More Details )
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I finally updated my website so I don't have to send people to my dreamwidth art tag to show them my latest work. Of which there has admittedly not been much. I promise I've been busy! I just can't, um, show you, right now!

* Even though my TSBB story is only sort of done ish, I'm getting pretty excited for posting because I finished my art! (Does a dance.)

* Does anybody know Mentarossa, aka Curviusotp, or what became of her? I emailed her at the Help Pakistan deadline (okay, a little after) with the art I made for her winning bid, but she hasn't responded, and it's been several weeks. As I gain emotional distance from my work and am no longer ashamed of it, I'd like to post, but because it's a comic of a scene from her own story, I'm reeeeallly hesitant to do so without her okay. (If you're reading this, M: I'm happy to delay posting as long as you want, I just want to know that you are still around and alive!)
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I signed up as pinch-hitter at help_pakistan, in case anybody's handmade art offerer ends up being unable to fulfill the request. I thought it might be fun to try to offer art in the same fandom and style as their original offer, whatever that ends up being, because I'm essentially dilettante and I like to put my entire life on "shuffle." This is the post. (I'm not asking you to do anything here--you can't bid on pinch hits--just a preview of things to come, maybe!)

My auction thread, meanwhile, is up to $40, with bids open until Saturday. It's exciting to watch!
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I guess it goes without saying that I was horrified by the news of the floods in Pakistan. I do however like this trend of fan auction communities to raise money for disasters. Help Pakistan is underway with offering and bidding both currently available!

Due to Sentinel Big Bang and original writing commitments, I didn't feel that I could have a story written by October 1, but I am offering art.

My thread is here, and this is what it says:

I am offering: Three page comic in one of the fandoms below, slash or gen.

Fandoms: Due South, The Sentinel, Stargate: Atlantis, Hard Core Logo

Additional Info: This could be a new story (script by you or me, with a prompt), or an adaptation of an existing fanwork of yours, mine, or someone else's with permission (probably necessarily excerpted - three pages can't get across that much plot - but you can choose the scene). Depending on the natural length of the script or source material, I may be talked into doing an additional page or two.

Winning bidder receives advance digital copy and optional mailed originals.

Starting Bid: $25
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[livejournal.com profile] akamine_chan pointed out over on ds noticeboard that today is World Turtle Day, an excellent time to make a donation in honor of Ray's mysterious turtle. I am totally on board as I am all about saving the world for the most trivial, geeky, fannish reasons.

There are many turtle-related charities, it turns out, including the classic World Wildlife Fund which has an "adoption" program for various endangered species where you get a plushie and an adoption certificate (too cutesy for me, but probably good for a kid), and this Baja California based group which lets you NAME a turtle for $150. This is a very exciting opportunity which proved to be too much pressure for me. (Also a little more than I had budgeted for random turtle donations?)

In the end, I donated to the Sea Turtle Restoration Project, so, please don't tell me they're horrible. Or do. Or don't. I don't know. They weren't on Charity Navigator, but they were recommended by Earth Island which is four stars. Do we even trust Charity Navigator? People are always complaining that the CEO's make way too much even on the four-star charities. How do you research your donations?

ETA: As long as it's still WTD, here are a few others:

Oceana - $35 donation gets you a food network sea turtle cookie cutter, for all your sea turtle party needs

Adopt a giant tortoise from the Galapagos! Also works if you are a fan of Dr. Stephen Maturin

Marine Conservation Society - UK based (amounts are in pounds), also have a specific "adopt a turtle" program which I stumbled on NOT EVEN LOOKING FOR TURTLE STUFF ANYMORE.
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How depressing if all my fic writing this year is driven by earthquakes. I mean... empowering? People helping people! Yeah!

My posts at [livejournal.com profile] help_chile:

Fic In short: 1000+ words, slash, in The Sentinel or Due South, or any of several fandoms I've never written but would like to: House, Xena, Criminal Minds, Mighty Boosh, or Degrassi (does anyone write in Degrassi?)

Comic about four pages in Due South, The Sentinel or Stargate: Atlantis. (Note SGA's conspicuous absence from my fic list! I don't really have a lot of ideas in that fandom these days but I do like John Sheppard's face.)

Low prices, good cause, act now!
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I can now present to you my final and main [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti product, also my first due South fic, also my longest fic?? Somehow???

Title: Volcanic Geranium
Fandom, Pairing: Due South, Fraser/RayK
Rating: Explicit
Length: 22,000 words
A/N: Set not long after 3x04 "Strange Bedfellows." Written for [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti for my winning bidder, [livejournal.com profile] lucifuge_5. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] yolsaffbridge for story development and beta, and to for [livejournal.com profile] nightshadow_t2 for more beta!

Fraser raised his eyebrows thoughtfully. "Lipstick colour names can be rather obscure. I assume it's a metaphor to describe something fragile and lovely but also dangerous and potentially capable of raining hot destruction upon an unsuspecting citizenry. On the other hand, it may refer to the fact that this particular coral shade is common to molten lava and geraniums. Don't lick it."

"It tastes like Jujubes," Ray reported.

"Nevertheless, resist the urge."

Read full text at Archive of Our Own | Read full text at my site

You don't mind if I don't post here, right? It's so huge I think it would take up three posts. (My first three post fic!)
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FYI, I'm adding the following items to my Moving to NY Giveaway post:

YA Books:
Confessions of Georgia Nicolson #2: On the Bright Side, I'm Now The Girlfriend of a Sex God and #3: Knocked Out by my Nunga-Nungas (2 books) by Louise Rennison (USA paperbacks, retain British spelling but have different cover art)

Alias seasons 1, 2, 3 (each is 6 discs in 1 compact case edition, no thicker than a single DVD; very good used)
X-Files Seasons 1, 2, 3 (bilingual Canadian packaging, very good used condition)
X-Files Seasons 4, 5, (bilingual Canadian packaging, new in shrink wrap)

Make your claims in the official post if you want any of that! Thanks!
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I'm not sure if there's a comm which would be better for this, but I figured I'd offer to my flist first. I'm moving to an NYC apartment at the end of the month, and I'm trying to downsize. I have a lot of good books and DVDs I need to find good homes for. I'd like to give them to people who I think will appreciate them, and I thought some of you on my flist might like dibs on the more fannish or classics-y ones. So I've created:

Zelempa's Official "Moving to New York" Charity DVD Giveaway!

Here's how it works: Comment to claim anything on the following lists. I'll cover shipping (media mail in the US, cheapest available option worldwide, no insurance or delivery confirmation). In exchange, I ask that you make a reasonable donation to the charity of your choice! (Suggestions in "More Details" below.)

On offer:

Region 1 TV Series DVDs
All used in very good condition unless otherwise specified.
Click to see list )

Region 1 Movie DVDs
All used in very good condition unless otherwise specified. Starring BSO's provided for your convenience.
Click to see list )

Used but good condition paperback unless otherwise specified.
Click to see list )

Artwork originals
I'm also trying to downsize the amount of art I have to haul from place to place. I place a fairly low value on my own work since I can always make more, so I'd be happy to give any of these to someone who might appreciate them. For the most part, these are pictures drawn on normal Xerox paper. I'll send them to you in sheet protectors.
Click to see list )

More details )

ETA: Oh, yeah, end date. Feel free to keep claiming until Feb 22, at which time I'll probably want to like pack and stuff.
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I present to you this comic, drawn for [livejournal.com profile] winter_elf with the prompt: beers on the pier.

Title: "Mistake"
Fandom, Pairing: SGA, John/Rodney
Length: About 2 1/2 pages (all merged into one long gif)
Rating: PG. Male toplessness and kissing. (Wait, is this a warning or a promotion?)

That's one out of two [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti works down!
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Not sure if someone has already done this, but here's all the Sentinel stuff currently being offered at [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti. I've linked to the posts where the offer is made. I'm not keeping track of current price, just the starting bid, so make sure you're pledging an amount over the high bidder.

Lightning Round
Bid now to buy it now. (Some may be sold - I didn't keep track of that - but some authors may be willing to do multiple fics.) Fics due from authors Jan. 22. Checked through page 11.
scribblinlenore 5 ficlets 100-500 words - $5
zeldaophelia Ficlets 100-500 words - $5
kohaku1977 Ficlets - $5
fanishliss Ficlets or poems 100-500 words - $3

Bid by Jan. 20 to receive fic by Feb. 14. Checked through all of post #1 and #2 page 14 of post #3.
kerravonsen Gen fic 1,000+ words - $5
esteefee Slash fic 2,500+ words - $20
rhiannonhero Fic 5,000+ words OR will complete a WIP by the bidder by June 1 - $30
darthfox Fic 1,000+ words - $10 (will write for all matching bids, not just highest)
nightshadow_t2 Slash or gen fic of 1,000, or beta up to 20,000 - $10
dolomir_k Fic 3,000-5,000 words - $25 (up to $100 at time of writing)
bayleaf Fic about 1,000 words - $10
saffronhouse Fic 2,000+ words to prompt - $5 (I happened to notice this was up to $50, fyi!)
shinetheway 2 fics on offer, gen/slash/het/kink all OK - $3
tipitina 2 fics on offer, 4,000+ words, Jim/Blair, in French - $5
claudia603 Jim/Blair or gen fic, $1000 words for $10, plus 250 words for each successive bid. May be late.
mab_browne Slash, gen or het fic 750+ words - $5
zelempa Slash fic 1,000+ words - $7
breeea1 Slash fic - $1.50
krossero 2 slash, gen, or het fics on offer, 500+ words - $5
dlspoon Fic, 2000+ words (out of retirement!) - $5 (as of this writing, up to $30)
laurakaye Slash, gen, or het fic (Jim/Blair or Jim&Blair), 1,000+ words - $10
kyaerie Slash fic 400-1000 words - $1
kaethe Slash or gen fic 1,000+ words - $5
jimandblair Preslash or gen 2,000+ words - $25
merryish Jim/Blair slash or gen fic 3,000+ words - $10 (up to $60 as of this writing)
kat_rowe Slash or gen fic 1,500+ words - $10

Beta Services
From the fic offering posts. Same rules apply.
nightshadow_t2 Slash or gen fic of 1,000, or beta up to 20,000 - $10
tesserae_ Beta up to 25,000 words - $10

Art & Graphics
Checked through p. 14 of graphics post and p. 18 of art post.
leesa_perrie - Five icons - $2
nightshadow_t2 - 4x4x4 dragon sculpture. One of the kinds of dragons is based on Blair. (Look!) - $45
romanse Two prints of gen or slash art (list provided), professionally matted and framed - $25 each
zelempa (I think I have a problem) One page comic art - $5

Let me know if you happen to find any I missed or that were added after I did this.
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Because throwing my little bit of money at MSF and the Red Cross seemed like a crushingly tiny drop in the bucket, I'm offering slash of at least 1000 words (could be more - you never know with me!) at [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti. (Also: I only seem to write under deadline. The charming deadline for this is February 14.)

The tantalizing list of fandoms includes not only my usual/recents of TS, SGA, and Big Bang Theory, but also Due South, How I Met Your Mother, Star Trek: TNG, Boy Meets World, Doogie Howser M.D., Nightrunner series, and Sports Night. Any prompt, any rating, any deviant sexual act. It's for a good cause!

Here's the thread where you can check it out and bid: http://community.livejournal.com/help_haiti/3155.html?thread=1880659

ETA: I forgot to mention Criminal Minds, House, Glee, Degrassi, Xena, Flight of the Conchords, The Mighty Boosh, The IT Crowd, and probably a lot of other things I watch. Ah, well. Winner, try me!


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