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I've decided to let my website, merples.com, lapse at the end of this billing period, in June. I'm just not in fandom enough these days to justify paying for a fannish domain. (Also, my fannish and real identities have become pretty completely merged by this point.) I do want to keep all my stuff freely available and easy to find.

My stories in all fandoms can be found Archive of Our Own. I'm also working on posting my recaps there.

In the meantime, my Sentinel recaps (without images) are at Artifact Storage Room 3.

My Baby-sitters Club book recaps are at Goodreads.

Stuff about my original novels and comics can be found on my main website, Laura Hughes Dot Com.

I could be forgetting something, so if there's something of mine you like and you want to see it posted, please let me know.
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Since the database crashed on my site, I've been kind of nervous about keeping stuff on there. I figure it's high time to back up my recaps to Archive of Our Own. So as not to inundate my 'works' page, I've decided to do one work per fandom, with episode recaps as individual chapters.

You have to start somewhere, so I've done the first two episodes of TS. If you want to re-read, or you've never read them but will now that they are on AO3, the info is below! I have no idea how long this will take me--probably awhile--but subscribe to me or check back periodically for updates. I'll post here when I've completed the work.

[Meta] The Sentinel: A Gratuitously Detailed Episode Guide (8611 words) by zelempa
Chapters: 2/65
Fandom: The Sentinel
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jim Ellison/Blair Sandburg
Additional Tags: Meta

I'm also backing up the screencaps on my reference photo tumblr, tagging them in the process for easy finding later.
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It appears the Baby-sitters Club book reviews on my site are broken. I'm working on backing them up to goodreads.
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If you downloaded my BSC Yuletide story Byron and the God of California to your Kindle or other MOBI ereader, you may have been confused and saddened to discover that the handwritten notes were missing from the story. I've corrected the issue for future downloads - you should either get the images, plain text, or both. So go ahead and download!

Also, thanks everyone who let me know I was recced by thefourthvine! I am honored.
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I finally updated my website so I don't have to send people to my dreamwidth art tag to show them my latest work. Of which there has admittedly not been much. I promise I've been busy! I just can't, um, show you, right now!

* Even though my TSBB story is only sort of done ish, I'm getting pretty excited for posting because I finished my art! (Does a dance.)

* Does anybody know Mentarossa, aka Curviusotp, or what became of her? I emailed her at the Help Pakistan deadline (okay, a little after) with the art I made for her winning bid, but she hasn't responded, and it's been several weeks. As I gain emotional distance from my work and am no longer ashamed of it, I'd like to post, but because it's a comic of a scene from her own story, I'm reeeeallly hesitant to do so without her okay. (If you're reading this, M: I'm happy to delay posting as long as you want, I just want to know that you are still around and alive!)
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My site's back up, I think! For now! I hope!


I switched hosts, so hopefully these new guys will be more reliable. Already, they are more fun; I have PHP and MySql support, so of COURSE I'm planning this massive redesign with a database backend for funsies. Because that means I don't have to work on my freaking FIC!!

So far, the new main page should show you the latest five updates; the icons on the side will bring you to the same old fic/art/recap menu pages (but those will be replaced with db stuff by-and-by, I hope--providing I actually do the data entry, ha, ha). As you can see from the stylesheets, iframes, transparent vector-based pngs, and trendy helvetica light, I have finally joined 2001!

I'm working on Firefox; the formatting is probably all messed up in IE. Let me know if you have problems since I should probably learn how to fix them anyway for like working in IT and stuff.


Apr. 26th, 2010 08:27 pm
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Okay I am on dreamwidth now. Please comment if you have a dw account so I can add you to my new flist! I'll continue crossposting here since it is so very easy.


BTW, my site is STILL DOWN. My provider is just ignoring me now. All of that content is backed up, so if there's anything specific you miss, let me know and I'll look for a new place to put it in the interim. (I'll also, you know, try to get my site back.)


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