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Here are the first lines from my 21 most recent stories. Since I'm on the slow side, this amounts to over 75% of my entire body of work, covering a period of over five years. It's interesting to look at your stories this way; I usually end up cutting so much "prewriting" and tinkering with the beginning point until so late in the game that I don't end up spending a lot of time crafting the perfect first line, so I didn't remember most of them. I was pleasantly surprised with some of them, while others work better in context.

"Rain, rain, go away,” sang Squirt, pressing his hands to the window screen. (What Happens in Sea City..., Baby-sitters Club)

“Listen to that engine purr!” Charles cries joyfully. (Inception, X-Men: First Class)

"I'llll be hooooome for Christmas," Blair sang off-key. (You Can Plan on Me, The Sentinel)

In accordance with your verbal request for an "informal" report of the occurrences and also incidences of last weekend, I am happy to provide you with this friendly missive. (Detective Raymond Vecchio's Protection by the Consulate of the Great Nation of Canada: An Illustrated Report by Constable Renfield Turnbull, Due South)

My mom calls us three boys with one brain. (Byron and the God of California, Baby-sitters Club)

Nothing. There was nothing. (Cult of Personality, The Sentinel)

The snow makes him late. (The More Things Change, Due South)

"Ray?" (Upon Close Inspection, Due South)

Ray dropped his empty coffee cup onto the dash with the others and looked longingly at the glove box. (Standard Courtship Protocol, Due South)

"Detective Kowalski," said the lawyer, reaching out to shake Ray's hand. (Volcanic Geranium, Due South)

Aliens mingled with superheroes and barbarians, trading stories and sipping electric-colored cocktails. (The Plus-One Scale-Mail Pasty Postulate, The Big Bang Theory)

The landlady left Raskolnikov in the doorway. (The Road to Hell, Crime and Punishment)

In committing to the page the astonishing adventures of Philo Vance, who for a period of four years, while it amused him to do so, devoted to the New York City police department the fruits of his brilliant observations and natural wit (four of the most exciting years of my life), I have purposely neglected, in the interest of privacy, decency, and friendship, to convey the details of his personal life to which I was privy. (A Most Unusual Soiree, Philo Vance)

Rimmer was right about one thing. (His Hologram Lover!, Red Dwarf)

Jim lies in bed with his eyes open, examining the microscopic patterns in the rusty pipes, feeling the warmth of his quick breath over his lips, listening to the usual low cacophony of whining electronics, rumbling refrigerator, Blair breathing steadily in the room below. (A Noble Mind O'erthrown, The Sentinel)

The massive stone fortress stood on a hill, surrounded by soldiers' tents in perfect neat rows. (Gayworld, Stargate: Atlantis)

Jim had stopped complaining about the unavoidable little noises that wrenched him from sleep whenever he and Blair kept different hours--in this case, playing cards being dealt out. (Go Down Gamblin', The Sentinel)

"Now that we're back in contact with Earth," Carter began, and then paused, as if expecting applause. (Two Weeks Notice, Stargate: Atlantis)

Most of the cops didn't want to come; didn't want to see what Jim had been reduced to. (Overload, The Sentinel)

Simon - sweater? (Checking It Twice, The Sentinel)

"I am never going anywhere without a transporter again," McKay panted for the ninety-ninth time, apparently having found his third wind. (It's Complicated, Stargate: Atlantis)
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